Yang Wei #8: Virgin Airways

If you have eyes, fingers and an internet connection, you probably read recently about the latest round of drama involving Mainland Chinese tourists on plane flights. The difference this time is that instead of being the one commiting some obnoxious offence, the lady in question claimed she was verbally abused on a Virgin Atlantic flight and called a “fucking Chinese pig” by a Western passenger.

Much drama ensued…

I am a seasoned traveller around Asia and I find it astonishing that anybody could call a Mainland Chinese tourist a “pig”, fucking or otherwise. I’m 100% sure that the Mainland Chinese tourist did absolutely nothing wrong at all to warrant being branded as a pig – normally they are respectful and polite passengers who are very considerate to other people around them.

Shit… it’s no longer April 1st, is it?

Mr Yang Wei was so incensed after reading this slur on his people that he had to take a holiday to calm down. Let’s see what happened.

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