Yang Wei #11: Colour

As an aspiring writer, it’s disturbing to see that the recent trend in books is to discard all those boring novels with words and revert back to infantile colouring books. Adult colouring books are currently huge bestsellers in Europe and the US. Smart investors are piling their money into felt tip pens.

So rather than crafting witty and humourous articles on China that generate zero comments anyway (not that I’m bitter), I’m jumping on the bandwagon and presenting Meursault’s very first blog post that you can colour in. Grab your crayons and draw your attention to this image of Yang Wei and his son berating a beggar during a recent trip to Tiananmen Square.

However, to keep it realistic to a true image of modern China, I have provided a “Paint by Numbers” guide to help the reader in depicting an accurate representation of Beijing. Simply follow the guide and very soon you will have a multi-coloured dreamscape of one of the world’s truly great cities to cherish and keep.


Have fun and happy colouring!

2 thoughts on “Yang Wei #11: Colour

  1. What is Yang Wei? Google says he is a gymnast.
    I could have Baidu-ed it instead of asking, but bad things happen to people who Baidu.


  2. Glad you asked. Yang Wei works in the local government of a tier-88 city. This doesn’t involve much beyond eating at banquets, screwing whores and being a cunt. He will go far with a CV like that.


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