Fun with skin

One for my old followers here…

When I used to blog on my old Yellow Wings site back in the carefree days of the mid-2000s, one of my running jokes was that I was always threatening to publish a post entitled “Fun with skin”. It was always hinted that “Fun with skin” would be an extremely dark post. I never did post “Fun with skin”, but it genuinely existed, and lay in draft form on a memory stick for years.

I believe the world is perhaps ready for it now.

I’ve changed it considerably as the original was pretty brutal to be honest. Think of a Chinese version of Chuck Palahniuk’s Guts and you won’t be far from the truth (don’t read the story on that link unless you’ve got a very strong stomach). This new version is more family friendly and is now entitled “Dumplings”. Stay tuned for the next blog post where you’ll finally get a chance to read it.


If you enjoyed this post you may also enjoy my book Party Members – a dark comic fantasy that exposes the corrupt underbelly of modern China.

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