Yang Wei #17: The Adventures of Mr 9-Dash Line!

Hi kids!

Sometimes I’m accused of being too crude on this blog, so it’s time to address that outrageous lie.

As China concentrates all efforts on asserting its ancient rights over the entire Eastern hemisphere, they need to combine soft power with hard power. Tanks and missiles can set Manila aflame, but only love and humour can win hearts and minds. That’s why I want to help China to make their 9-Dash Line more personable during these troubled times. To thank China for everything it has given me (namely, two letters of the hepatitis alphabet and a drinking problem), I wish to give something back. I will do my bit to push China’s case forward.

So, without further ado, one for the kids. Gather your children around the screen and let’s zoom in on China’s new lovable cartoon character – Mr 9-Dash Line! Yay!

(Yang Wei can’t make it for today’s instalment of his cartoon as he’s busy smashing up a KFC. He sends his apologies.)



Here’s another little sketch I did when I was doodling at work whilst pretending to hit my Q3 sales targets…

Mr 9 Dash Line



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