Party Members now available for pre-order!

(Cue patriotic music and images of fluttering red flags…)

Arise! All who refuse to be slaves!

Let our flesh and blood become our new Great Wall!

As the nation faces its greatest peril,

The release of Arthur Meursault’s Party Members!

Yes! Just one week after the UN’s ruling against China’s actions in the South China Sea, I am dealing Zhongnanhai a second blow by announcing that the ebook of Party Members is finally available for pre-order. It is now featured on Amazon and during the pre-order stage is available for the special “God Bless Manila” pre-order price of $2.99.

The normal ebook price will be $5.99, so hurry hurry hurry to get that delicious three dollar discount. Just think what you could do with the savings. Three dollars in China could buy you:

  • TWO bottles of Erguotou!
  • A Big Mac from American imperialist dogs McDonalds!
  • Entrance to a recently renovated Daoist temple in a tier-3 city!
  • Twenty bus rides!
  • Three bottles of Tsingtao beer!
  • Three packets of deadly iron-laced local brand cigarettes!
  • A handjob from a 40+ woman (Ningxia and Guizhou ONLY)!
  • Cancer!

Thanks, and Mao bless.


If you enjoyed this post you may also enjoy my book Party Members – a dark comic fantasy that exposes the corrupt underbelly of modern China.

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