Everybody is excited about the release of Party Members next week!

In just one week’s time it will be August 17th which can only mean one thing: the glorious release of Party Members – the greatest book ever written since the novelisation of Driving Miss Daisy.

You can pre-order your copy now, but to get you all excited, our team of dedicated researchers travelled around China recently to interview a few people and understand more about what the average Zhou on the street is feeling about the release. We handed out review copies to eleven people and here is what they had to say…

Zhang Xianfei – 26 – Professional League of Legends Player

“I don’t know much about Party Members or Arthur Meursault, but I do know about our glorious hero Sun Yang and that Australian bastard Mack Horton. He should apologise to China. Australia is a savage nation. #apologisetosunyang”

Yu Landuo – 33 – “Customer Service”

“What? What do you want? I’m busy. I don’t have what you want. No. I don’t understand. Try that counter over there.”

Elyse Ribbons – 37 – Fempat and coffee enthusiast

Party Members could be improved by adding in more mentions of Elyse Ribbons. Do you know that she wrote her own play called “I Heart Beijing” and is a strong, independent and empowered young woman who is destined for great things? Check out my blog where I review the most AMAZING dumplings I found this one time. Please pay attention  to me. Please.”


Chen Sanmei – 88 – Peasant

“Was that a book you gave me? I can’t remember what I did with it. I think I fed it to the pigs or wiped my grandson’s arse with it when we ran out of copies of the Global Times.”


Timothy Budong – 31 – Educator

“Dude, this book was a bit harsh on China. I carried it around inside my green backpack during an EPIC 3 hour bus ride. China is so amazing and has 5000 years of history, I don’t know why this Arthur Meursault has such a beef with the place. Now you will have to excuse me – my Foreign Liaison Teacher has promised me that if I do some free extra classes this afternoon then they might renew my contract this September! A-B-C-D-E…..”


Lan Yang – 25 – Global Times Journalist

“Party Members is brimming with scathing insults and mocking stories. If Arthur Meursault doesn’t like China, he should go back to where he came from.”


Wang Shanshan – 29 – Former English student

“You know Arthur Meursault? Do you have his number? He is a bad man. He promised me free English classes if I came to his apartment to watch some DVDs and then I never saw him again.”


Ernest Hemingway – Dead – Author and wannabe alcoholic

Party Members is the best book I’ve ever read. It shits all over anything that I wrote and makes The Sun Also Rises look like an entry in a kid’s composition contest. Now pass me a drink please, I’m parched. Oh shit, I’m dead. It’s raining outside.”


Lei Zhengfu – 47 – Government Official

“嗯? 嗯嗯嗯嗯嗯嗯嗯嗯嗯嗯嗯嗯嗯嗯嗯嗯嗯嗯嗯嗯嗯.嗯嗯.嗯.嗯嗯!嗯嗯嗯嗯.嗯嗯,嗯就这样.嗯.”


John & Doris Naisbitt – 87 and fuck knows – Futurists

“We never read the book, but then again we never read our own book either, so we’re sure it’s great.”


If you enjoyed this post you may also enjoy my book Party Members – a dark comic fantasy that exposes the corrupt underbelly of modern China.

3 thoughts on “Everybody is excited about the release of Party Members next week!

  1. Haha mate, you are so dead. Oh wait, all you did was shit talk the Koran? Quran? Qur’an? It’s not like you drew a cartoon of Muhammad or anything. He liked a drink, by the way, don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. Fermented milk was his fave tipple. Speaking of which, I need a martini. Which isn’t made with milk at all, yet it tastes just like an angel pissing on yer tonsils.

    Great book, by the way. And a very nice post.


  2. A blurb that transcends all blurbs!! belly laughs galore, gotta read Party Members. Any chance of getting a copy of it anywhere in Beijing??? I only read books that come from dead trees (yes a Luddite in that way).


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