A Handy Guide to Commonly Used Tinder Abbreviations By Expat Women In Asia

Are you man enough to date me, loser?

Since Reddit user u/pomegranate2012 enlightened me that DTF in Fempat-ese actually means Din Tai Fung, I’ve now come to the shocking realisation that none of the abbreviations I’ve seen fempats use actually mean what I thought they meant.

After consulting with a “dating expert” who specialises in cross-cultural relationships and had worked for the Global Times for a whole 3 days before relocating to Thailand, I am now privileged to share with you the true meanings behind the secret fempat codewords they use on Tinder / Craigslist / Scrawled in pumpkin spice on the back of a Starbucks napkin.

If you are aware of anymore, please share.

ASL? : Any Spiced Lattes?

BJ : Burger Joint

BBBJ : Big Brand Burger Joint

BI : Will drink baijiu

BDSM : Bring Dumplings Stupid Man

BBW : Average fempat weight

DF : Diet Free

DDF : Diet and Diabetes Free

DTF : Din Tai Fung / Dumplings Taste Fabulous

DOB : Days Outside Beijing

FWB : Friends With Baozi

GSOH : Good at Sucking Off Hapas

JBY : Just Be Yuge

LDR : Like a Dumpy Rainy

LGBT : Let’s Go Buy Tacos

LTR : Lifetime Risk

MBA : Married But Asianwomanstolemyhusband

MWC : Made to Work in China

NBM : Never Bought Mons

NSA : No Schoolteachers Allowed

NSSA : No Sex Since America

STR8 : Stroke Tim’s Rigid ji8

SWS : Sex Within Shanghai

TDH : Tall Dark and Hei

TEFL : Take me Element Fresh for Lunch

TLC : Tim Loving Cumslut

W4M : Woman for Mutumbo

W4W : Woman for Workvisa


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