Crap Joke


One day, and to great excitement around the globe, Beijing Zoo’s world famous panda bear Chi-Chi gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. The panda’s son quickly became the star attraction of the zoo, but due to exposure to foreign journalism, soon picked up evil western habits and converted to Catholicism. Every Sunday, the panda’s son would attend morning Mass, and he would always say grace before every bamboo meal.

The Catholic baby panda settled into life in Beijing Zoo, but there was one thing that still confused the head zookeeper. Everyday, groups of school-children would gather around the panda’s enclosure and sit for hours in complete silence. Unable to fathom why the children appeared to be listening so intently to the panda, the zookeeper finally asked one of the children.

“Excuse me little boy,” asked the zookeeper, “Why do you and your friends come and sit by the panda everyday in complete silence?”

“We’re waiting for him to tell us a story,” replied the child.

The zookeeper was puzzled. “A story? Why do you think he’s going to tell you a story?”

“Well,” said the child, “Everybody knows that he is the Han’s Christian Panda-Son of Beijing Zoo.”


If that was too long for you, how about:

Did you hear about the zoo in Henan Province that only had one dog?

It’s a shih-tzu.


What is Bono’s Chinese Zodiac Sign?



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